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Located at Peninsula San Pedro, this property belongs to the family of Dr. Ernesto Serigos, first Argentine medical doctor in the area of San Carlos de Bariloche. He wrote about those days and his practice in his book EL MEDICO NUEVO EN LA ALDEA, prefaced by the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The book is actually available in his third edition. Serigos was a member of the first comitee of National Parks Administration. When this Committee had to choose the site to build the former municipal Llao-Llao Hotel, he bought a 50 acre farm for himself very close to the prospective hotel.

Their eldest daughter Maria, who is the present owner, helped her father build the beautiful garden where you’ll see native alerces, radales, coihues, maitenes and arrayanes, as well as foreign chestnut, cedars, oaks and pine trees. Roses and rhododendrons, lavender, daisies and wild flowers make the park a splash of color in spring. Autumn is a yellow and red symphony and time for mushrooms. Spring and summer are the raspberry-strawberry season, and time for the orchard and vegetables. In winter you can enjoy skiing from Catedral Winter Center, 18 kilometers away from Puerto Tabla.